We are ranchers by breeding, blood and love.  My sister and I own and operate Arrowpoint Cattle Company, LLC.  We have a deep and abiding love of the land, the cows and other various animals which inhabit the ranch.  We have hope that eventually we can leave this legacy to our children.  Our ranching operation is a family affair with all family members pitching in.
Arrowpoint Cattle Company was started as a family endeavor with the purchase of a few Highlanders in 1961.  It was started on a small farm just outside Eastlake, Colorado.  It was moved to Chaffee County, Colorado in 1968 where it is currently.  Dr. C J Roberts (Doc) started the ranch as his life long dream was to have a cattle ranch.  He worked as a general practitioner during the week and rancher on the weekends.  Doc was very involved in community and he donated beef each year to Children’s Hospital.  He was also very active for the American Scottish Highland Association and organized a booth at the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo.   As youngsters we spent countless hours in the Highland booth during the Stock Show.
Us, as his children, were expected to work the ranch during our spare time. We picked rocks for hours upon end, we irrigated, we monitored the cows to AI and generated a camaraderie as a family. 
We still have descendents of those first Highlanders which my father purchased.   Our cows have a healthy life, without the use of hormones or daily antibiotics.  We strive to treat the livestock with respect and consideration of the lives that they give to us.  Our cattle are friendly, thrifty and well suited to a life spent outside at 8,000’.  We currently have approximately 50 mother cows. 
  The local community support is paramount for the small farmer. We are honored to have our grass fed beef featured at the Eddyline Resturant and Brew Pub in Buena Vista, Colorado.